Sruffy is a Pelican monster created by Pjray02.

Sruffy the Pelican can easily traverse through


Sruffy was a bin man. Though his job was notably lower down the business line he was determined to eradicate every street of rubbish and make his town a rubbish-free environment.

Unlike other people in his group, he had a sense of pride. He was also the strongest in the group, for he could heave heavy loads of rubbish into the garbage truck without any support.

He was cleaning the streets of the city when he needed a break,so he went to the nearest soda machine and bought scum soda after having a refresher he went back to work,moments later he felt his stomach curddle and flop and fell off the dock he was resting on and into the water.

seconds more he arose as a gargantuan pelican! and rampaged through the whole town.

Personality and OccupationEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Thanks to his abnormally large gullet, Sruffy the Pelican is capable of swallowing mouthloads of rubble and debris and transport them. When his mouth if full he is able to spit out large chunks of rubble at a very fast rate.