Rampage: UnleashedEdit

Rating: E (Everyone) Cartoon Humor Violence

Developer: Midway Games

Publisher: TBA

Platform: Nintendo Wii, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Xbox (Cancelled)

Year: 2013

Genre: Action, Adventure

Returning CharactersEdit

The Protagonist

George - The Gorilla of The Jungle

Ralph - Leader Of The Wolf Pack

Lizzie - The Giant Lizard it Looks Smiliar To 1954's Godzilla

V.E.R.N - His Cartoon Series Such As 'The Koala Brothers'

Joe - The Big Purple Bigfoot 

Wally - The Warthog Friend Of Harley

Curtis - The Friendly Mouse 

Boris - The Heavy Weight Rhino Who Won The Planet Fitness Contest.

Ruby - The Friendly Lobster Who Likes Curtis And Ralph.

Amanda - The Queen of Texas

Felix - The Red Gargoyle Who Lives In The Castle

Banjo - The Brown Bear Who Lives In The House

Myukus - The One-Eyed Cyclops Who Eat The Alien, Just Like On The Ending Movie From 'Rampage 2 Universal Tour'

Jack - The Jackalope Who Likes Kangaroos.

Philbert - He Is a Ungulate Like Kangaroo Who Lives In The Big House.

Ramsey - The Male Ram or Goat Who Win The Tournament.

Issac - The Heroic Dragon Who Got Fire And Ice Powers For Magic.

All characters are Appeared in 2009

New Characters (Upcoming Characters)Edit

Python - The 2-Door Cadillac Eldorado lowrider. Species: Sedan

Vulcan - The Chevrolet Camaro Muscle Car Who Likes To Joined The Battle Race. Species: Coupe

Kodiak - The Gray Dodge Ram Pickup Who Works At The Job Called The Home Depot. Species: Pickup Truck

Turbo - The Ferrari F40 Who Likes To Play Chase H.Q. II For The Sega Genesis Every Friday. Species: Sports Car

Ben - The Grizzly Bear Who Drives a Kenworth T-800.

Cooper - The Friendly Mini Cooper

Non-Playable Characters

Rhino SUV - The Police SUV Who Wants To Get His Revenge On Cooper.

Cyber-George - The Robot Like Gorilla Who Looks Smiliar To George.

Samson - The Black Wolf Who Looks Smiliar To Ralph's Brother.

Bluto - The Big Bad Tiger Who's Trying To Trick People On The Battle Arena.


Cincinnati, Ohio

San Francisco (San Francisco Rush) - Concept And Exotic Made a Cameo In The Game.

Las Vegas

Casino - The Casino Is a Upcoming Level Who Made By Ed Moon. (DLC Level Cost $1.99)

New York - George

Tokyo, Japan - Lizzie

London - Ralph

Texas - Amanda, Jack



Downloadable ContentEdit

All New Characters And Vehicles

Roadblaster - The Jeep J-12 Pickup Truck (DLC Cost: $1.00)

4WD - The Japanese Nissan Titan Pickup Truck. (Playable)

Hot Rod - The Ford 3-Window Coupe. Debut: San Francisco Rush Rush Extreme Racing (Free DLC Vehicle)

Lou - The News Reporter Who's Appeared In Rampage 2 Universal Tour. (DLC Cost: $0.15)

Diablo - The Lamborghini Diablo (DLC Cost $1.25)

All Vehicles Appeared In Video Games

All New Vehicles

G-6155 Interceptor - The Mitsubishi Eclipse Coupe From Spy Hunter. (Playable)

Switchblade - The Plymouth Prowler Roadster From Spy Hunter. (Playable)

Road Lord - The Bulletproof Dodge Ram From Spy Hunter. (Playable)

TBA (New Name)

Classic Ralph - The Friendly Wolf He Looks Smiliar To new Ralph from Rampage Total Destruction.

Shadow Blade - The Aspid GT-21 Invictus from Spy Hunter. (Playable)

Roadster - The Mazda RX-8 Or Honda NSX from Race Drivin' (Playable)

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