Rampage (2007 Video Game)Edit

Developer: Midway Games

Publisher: Avalance Software

Date: August, 15th, 2007

Platform: Playstation 2, Nintendo Wii, Xbox, Playstation 3 (Playstation Network)

Genre: Action, Fighting

This Rampage Video Game Is a Remake HD Version Of Rampage Total Destruction

List of CharactersEdit

George - The Gorilla

Ralph - The Wolf - Ralph Wolf - Rampage Wiki - Rampage Wiki - Wikia

Lizzie - The Lizard Like Godzilla

Rhett - The Mouse

Curtis  - The Mouse

Felix - The Gargoyle

Joe The Bigfoot -  Joe Bigfoot - Rampage Wiki

Boris - The Rhino

Ruby - The Lobster

Myukus - The One-Eyed Cyclops

Harley - The Warthog - Wally

Ramsey - The Ram Or Goat

Rocky - TBA

Icky - TBA

Gilman - TBA

Marco - TBA

Luna - TBA

Nick - TBA

Philbert - (Rampage Total Destruction)

G-6155 Interceptor - TBA - (Spy Hunter)

Mason - TBA - (Roadkill)

TBA New Name Appears

Myukus - TBA

Timmy - TBA

Carl - TBA

Roger - TBA

New CharactersEdit

Amanda - The Armadillo

Sly - The Raccoon

Banjo - The Bear

Shelby - The Turtle

Nick - The Demon

Rojo - The Bull

Jack - The Jackalope

Philbert - The Kangaroo

Leon - The Lion

Alex - The gray wolf

Ramsey - The Ram Like Goat

Dr. Crazy - The Evil Boss Who Wants To Get His Revenge On George Lizzie And Ralph. (Unplayable)

V.E.R.N. - The Mutant Koala (Unlockable In Story Mode)


Robo-Nancy - (Unplayable Character, Mini-Boss)

Issac The Dragon - (Unlockable Character, Bonus Level)

Azazel The Dragon Like Seth - (Unplayable Character In Desert 'Egypt' Arena)

Abyss The T-Rex - (Unplayable In PS2, Final Boss) - (Playable In Nintendo Wii Version)



2-Player Battle


Story Mode



Play As V.E.R.N - How To Unlock: Defeat Dr. Crazy In Story Mode With Any Character.

Play As Samson -  How To Unlock: Play As Ralph The Wolf With a Black Color Costume At The Character Select Menu. (Press L1 And R2 Button And Then Press X)

Super Mode: Go to The Options Menu, Press Square 2x, O, And X.


USA (Cincinatti, Ohio)

Tokyo, Japan

London, Eurpoe



Hong Kong

Ralph's Dog House - (Unlockable In Arcade Mode)

Dinosaur Park

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