He is a giant octopuss 

Back storyEdit

He was a undersea diver who was under the sea trying to find a rare octopus that was just discovered and he caught several octopi but failed to find it but took a blue ringed octopus instead he then went to the decompressen chamber and there was a new drank called Scum Ultra so he decided to try it he did not mutate istantly due to being in the chamber it took a while to take full effect but once near land he began to feel odd and felt pain in his stomach then he looked and saw his fingers morphing together into tenticales and  had grown four other fingerless tenticale like limbs and then his legs morphed into tentecles and his head started to grow bigger and mouth grew i hard and trasformed into a beak he then spat acidic like inc at the wall and it melted instant he jumped out the hole he created and swam out fully transformed while the ship sank he swam up and started to destroy the city flailing his new tenticales arms in rage. 


When his rampage meter is full he can use all of his arms for a drill like attack and he also spits acidic ink that can melt buildings.