He is a giant electric eel


He was a brave officer who worked to get where he was and one day he found out the soda Mr Z sells is full of toxins so he went and arrested him but he drank a Scum Ultra disgused as a cola he felt fine for half the ride to take Mr Z to jail but later he began to feel odd and then noticed he was getting small electric sparks but he ignored it and then his limbs started to shrink and he then stopped the car with a large electric shock wave and he began to lose all his limbs and he began to turn blue and he started to spark so much that he had to go out of the car but his teeth became sharp and he shot a zap from his mouth and went and destroyed a few blocks in anger.


He can shoot electric shocks from his mouth to destroy buildings amd having no limbs he can sqeeze into spaces other monsters cant and in rampage mode he lets out a massive electric shockwave that destroys lotrs of buildings and disables all cars.