Ling the Panda.

Ling is a Panda monster created by Pjray02.

Her stature is bulky and her combat and/or destruction focus is inherited by heavy hitting and low swings. Her large claws suggest that she is also an excellent climber, great for scaling highrise buildings.


Ling was once a humble sushi chef who worked in a resturant in Tokyo, Japan, for a living. One day, a truck pulled up in front of her resturant and men began to carry in boxes containing Scum Ultra in them. The men also installed a Scum Ultra vending machine so then customers could also drink a fizzy, refreshing beverage whilst in the resturant.

Curious about this American custom, she deposited a coin into the slot of the vending machine and a can of Scum Ultra fell into the small hole of which she pulled it out from. She opened the can and began drinking. Her eyes widened and she grinned; she had never tasted a beverage as refreshing and as flavorful as this. Suddenly, her eyes began to glow green and she began to choke violently. Customers in the resturant began to turn around and look at what was happening.

Ling began to grow in size, her clothes ripped and patches of black and white fur began to grow all over her body at a cancerous rate. Her teeth sharpened into canine-like teeth and her ears morphed into smaller, stouter ears. Her limbs grew thicker and sharp, blade-esque claws began to protrude from her now thick paws. She grown so big, her head smashed straight through the glass dome capped on top of her resturant.

She rubbed her head and picked up a shattered piece of glass to look at herself. She looked in horror at what she become: a giant-sized Panda! She snarled and roared boisterously, echoing throughout the low lying streets of Tokyo. She kicked her resturant down to the floor vigorously, leaving nothing but a pile of rubble and sushi. She lumbered off down the streets, to begin her new ambition; rampaging and destroying!

Personality and OccupationEdit

Ling the Panda can be calm and easygoing, but when she becomes agitated she is enveloped by a more violent, destructive personality, with a craving for trashing anything that isn't an ally.

In her spare time she enjoys traveling to the ports and fishing districts of cities, for it reminds her of the times she used to catch fish with her father to cook in the resturant.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

When Ling's Special Meter is full, her feral instincts kick in; her muscles toughen and her claws harden, enabling her to slice through concrete, stone and even steel, giving her the advantage when bringing down large residental structures.

Her speed and agility surprisingly increase as well, surpassing statistics of monsters not engaged in Rampage Mode.