Rampage: The Wrecking Crew HD Remake (2013)Edit

Rampage HD Remake

Developer: Midway Games/ Warner Bros.

Publisher: Backbone Entertanment/Pipeworks Software

Genre: Action, Platformer

Platform(s): Playstation 3, Xbox 360, iOS (ipod)

Release Date: September, 2013 - TBA


Classic And Mordern Characters

George *

Lizzie *

Ralph *

Curtis *

Boris *

Ruby *

Myukus *

Jack *


Rojo *

Joe **

Venus **

Amanda **

Axehead ** (New Monster)

Ben ** (New Monster)

Bigfoot Like Sasquatch ** (New Monster - TBA)

Dr. V (unplayable)

Larry (Bonus Character !)

Carl (Bonus Character !)

Banjo (New Character, Bonus Character)

Abyss (unplayable,boss)

Issac (DLC)

Roger (DLC)

Alex (* Playable)

Vincent (Free Downloadable Content)

  • Playable
    • Unlockable Hidden

! Bonus Character

u Unplayable Character

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